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    About Us


    I would like to inform you in summary about me and the 25 year-experienced company

    I established VIDEO SHOP, my first company, providing installation and repair of electronic music systems in Şişli in 1991

    VIDEO SHOP was rebranded to SE-DAN Elektronik providing same business activity between end of 1995 – 2007 as both head Office and workshop in ATATÜRK OTO SANAYİ SİTESİ, which was very popular for Istanbul at that time, and a branch in ETILER between 2003 – 2007.

    The company reputation and the customer base brought us creating the brandname TECHNOVOL with a new implementation and installation service and Showroom building consisting of three-story for 600 square-meters in the center of the city, on the way to GAYRETTEPE – OTIM; meaning better quality, wider location, more integrated and most importantly in order to shorten deadlines.

    We have the principle of unlimited service quality with all woodworks, all premium leather upholstery and accessories, restoration and modification for all cars; besides successful and personalized applications for V.I.P. cars; also design and installation of audio visual systems for marine vehicles, at the bottom floor of our store,

    Above all, we always strived our clients to be our best friends; those are always leading figures in the field of themselves; the import-car dealerships, football, art, businesslife in Istanbul.

    Beyond the existing guarantee, our primary principle for the problems, that may arise from the products we offer to customers, after the sale is guaranteed by TECHNOVOL. Wish to meet soon for the best.


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